Summer Junior Programme

An international course for teenagers developing communicative abilities and encouraging self-expression through fun and enjoyable activities, based around music, drama, dance, imagining, games, movement, team building, environmental awareness, story circles and lots more.


A course at Asana is of two or three weeks’ duration and you should try to arrive and leave on the Saturday or Sunday immediately before and after your course.

Classes run from 9am to 1pm from Monday to Friday with a short break at 11am.  Students then have their packed lunch together on the school premises, before beginning their afernoon excursion or indoor activity, which runs from 2pm to 5pm.

On Saturdays Asana arranges a full-day excursion to a place of cultural or scenic interest from 10am to 5pm.  Sundays are free and are good days for students to spend with their host family.


Asana offers one full-day and five afternoon activities each week.

Our outdoor activities include water sports, hikes in the mountains, rock-climbing, sea-kayaking, boat fishing, exploration of the coastline with a marine biologist, paddle boarding, fun & games on the beach, cycling around Valentia island, trips to nearby towns, our team- building, pro environmental ‘Tribal challenge’.

Evening activities

Asana also organises two weekly evening activities including discos, quizzes, evenings of music and dance, sports and of courses our theatrical show put on by the music group.  On all other evenings students are expected to be at home with their host families by 10pm.


Sports in our state-of-the-art sports hall including soccer, volleyball, basketball, badminton, Gaelic football, rugby and more

Cookery lessons with Asana’s resident chef who will help you create delicious snacks and meals from Ireland and from all over the world using local ingredients often from the surrounding countryside

Music & drama workshops with resident musicians Oisin Breathnach and Stephane Odrobinski: you will be part of our school production performed towards the end of your course

Arts & crafts with local artist and story-teller Sean O Laoghaire ranging from puppetry & performance, street art around the town and much more

DATES 2024

Transfers from and to Cork Airport and Kerry Airport are included in these prices provided that students travel on a Saturday or a Sunday or exceptionally with Ryanair flights arriving and leaving on a Monday. If travelling outside these days please contact Asana for help with your booking.

The following features are included in the fees:

  •  Full board and accommodation
  • Airport transfers
  • Entrance level test
  • 20 lessons per week
  • 5 afternoon leisure activities per week
  • 2 evening activities per week
  • 1 full day Saturday excursion per week
  • End of course certification

Junior summer activity programme

Two week course
  • 10th June - 22nd June
  • 24th June - 6th July
  • 8th July-20th July
  • 22nd July - 3rd August
  • 5th August - 17th August
  • 19th August - 31st August

Junior summer activity programme

Three week course
  • 3rd June - 22nd June
  • 24th June - 13th July
  • 15th July - 3rd August
  • 5th August - 24th August
  • 26th August - 14th September