Send us an email with your name, date of birth, proposed dates and we will get back to you within twenty four hours with details of availability and instructions on how to book.

Asana will provide full details of your accommodation a minimum of three weeks before your trip.

Asana arrange free transfers from Cork Airport, Kerry airport and Killarney town centre at any time on Saturdays and Sundays. Please contact us if you need mid-week transfers.

Yes! In recent years Asana has welcomed students from Italy, Spain, Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria, Poland, Russia, Kazakhstan and Laos. You will be sharing accommodation with a student from a different nationality, and will be in a multi-national class.

Asana recommends that you share host family with a student of similar age but different nationality. This will encourage integration with your host family and other students and be of maximum benefit to your English. However Asana can also arrange for you and your friend to share accommodation.

You should avail of your free transfer on the preceding Saturday or Sunday. If you have a choice Sunday is the best day to arrive as you will begin your course and meet other students the very next morning.

By law you may only drink alcohol in Ireland if you are eighteen years or over. Asana cannot assume responsibility for any junior students under the influence of alcohol or any illegal substances and may have recourse to immediate repatriation if this occurs.

For junior students (under 18 years ) Asana organizes social events on two evenings each week. On evenings when you are free you may go out with the permission of your host family, but must be at home again by 10pm at the latest. We ask our adult students to respect the rules of the host family at all times.

Your host family is asked to include you in whatever they are doing as a family every Sunday. Typically families might attend a regatta or Gaelic football match, visit relatives, go for a drive or a walk, or meet up with other families hosting students. You should speak to your family in advance so that you know the plan for each Sunday.