Our Approach

Our Approach

Asana offers integral and transformative language education.  The student is first and foremost a person, a human being, in the process of self- actualising. 

At Asana, our pillars of learning are : 

Learning about Self – (Who am I ?)

Learning how to relate to Other – (How do I relate to others?)

Learning how to relate to Place – (Where am I right now and how do I relate to this place?)

Learning about Beyond Self – (Building collaboration and resilience in our communities) 

These pillars are at the heart of the learning experience and language is the way we express them.

Our teachers work as part of a team, and students may see up to four teachers every morning. Each teacher team has a  linguist, an expert communicator, an environmentalist and an artist.

Our junior students present a project (on a topic that is of importance to them) at the end of their stay.

Adult students may choose to do a project or prepare for the student-centred, highly recommended, Test of Active English (TIE).  There is also the option to do Cambridge or IELTS exams.