Online Courses 2021

Online Courses 2021

Asana’s English classes and programmes are nature and environment, movement and arts based.  We like to incorporate yoga, meditation, mythology and music into our English classes. Because of the Covid crisis, we are currently working on ways in which we can bring this type of English language learning online.  In the meantime, we have some great teachers who’d be delighted to work with you individually or in small groups online.

‘English Language Lockdown classes with Asana teachers. Tailor-made to suit your timetable and language requirements’.

You can now learn English, Spanish and Italian online with one of our teachers, from the comfort of your own home:

  • Language for total beginners (English, Spanish, Italian ) Total Beginners/ A1
  • Language for travel or working in a new country (English, Spanish, Italian) Minimum A2+ 
  • Exam preparation (English, Spanish, Italian) All levels
  • Language for deep and meaningful conversations (English, Spanish, Italian)  B1+ 
  • Language for academic purposes (English) Minimum B1+
  • Language and wellness (English, Spanish, Italian) Minimum A2+ 


Enquire about our Online Classes

If you are interested in doing Online Language lessons and classes, either private one-to-one or a group class, please fill in this form and we will then contact you to discuss the options.

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