Adult Summer General English Programme

Adult Summer General English Programme

Two-week courses: 

Price: €1,440 

Starting date: 24.05.21; 07.06.21; 14.06.21; 09.08.21; 16.08.21; 30.08.21; 06.09.21


Three-week courses: 

Price: 1,760 

Starting date: 07.06.21; 28.06.21; 19.07.21; 09.08.21; 30.08.21


An international 20 hour per week course for adults developing communicative abilities and encouraging self-expression through fun and enjoyable activities based around music, drama, mythology and Irish culture.  Participants will enjoy the privacy of our designated adult learning centre.



One full-day and three afternoon activities each week include hikes in the mountains, rock-climbing, archeological walks, sea-kayaking, boat fishing, exploration of the coastline with a marine biologist, cycling, trips to nearby towns and much more.

As an alternative to our outdoor afternoon activities you can choose our volunteer internship placement programme (3-week courses only).  Asana will place you as a voluntary worker in a local business such as bar, restaurant, family business, tourist activity, office business or any area in which you specify interest.  Placement is usually three to four hours in the afternoon or evening, and is an ideal way to be fully immersed in an English speaking environment.

Break time


Transfers from and to Cork Airport, Kerry Airport and Killarney train station on Saturday or Sunday are included in the price.  If travelling outside these days please contact Asana for help with your booking.

Dates 2020

Transfers from and to Cork Airport and Kerry Airport are included in the following prices provided that students travel on the Saturday or Sunday before and after their course. Classes begin at 9am on the first Monday of the course and end on the final Saturday.  Course fees include full board in a single room with a host family, 20 hours tuition per week, all classroom materials, level test and certification, registration fee, activity programme or work placement.

Two-week courses (cost 1,440 euro) beginning on the following Mondays:  24.05.21; 07.06.21; 14.06.21; 09.08.21; 16.08.21; 30.08.21; 06.09.21

Three-week courses (cost 1,760 euro) beginning on the following Mondays: 07.06.21; 28.06.21; 19.07.21; 09.08.21; 30.08.21

Ring fort


Extra-curricular activities we can arrange upon request: yoga, trip to world heritage site Skelligs Rock, cookery lessons, sports afternoons, Irish dancing lessons, lessons in a traditional Irish music instrument (group or individual), arts & crafts workshops: please contact Asana with details of any of the above you are interested in.

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